Xachi: Command Lite + Multiplayer 1.0

Jan 11, 2011
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*** #1 Kids Game for iPad in China, December 2010! *** *** Selected by Apple as quot;New amp; Noteworthy quot; for Kids and Arcade in December 2010! *** It's a classic missile-style game with a line drawing twist and featuring ONLINE MULTIPLAYER with fun items to stump your opponent! Time your splashes just right to help Ika, a young Xachi, eliminate the parasites with Pickle Potion, the one thing that scares the parasites away. Draw a path for her to pick up items and avoid parasites. Reach the end of Classic Mode to become a Pickle Potion splasher wizard! Game features include: - Game Center Online Multiplayer with a friend or random opponent - Classic Mode with many levels of fun - Multiplayer items to send to your friends and mess up their gameplay - Classic Mode power-ups like Commotion Potion and Rapid Splash - 3 different parasites: Fory, Ozuru, and Pinkownie MULTIPLAYER MODE: Invite a friend or play with a random opponent for 90 seconds of dueling fun.
Score combos and blue ring parasites for extra points. Collect items like Igloo, Purple Rings, +10, Bubbles and Spotlight. Select the items from your inventory to confuse your opponent, but whatever you do, don't splash the parasites with the Red Rings! CLASSIC MODE: Collect the different items like Commotion Potion, Rapid Splash, Bubble Bash, Half Time, Triple Threat, and Tsunami during Classic Mode to enhance your gameplay. Gather shells and spend them to upgrade your abilities: throw speed, walk speed, refill rate, and your Pickle Potion supply limit. If you're running low on lives, keep an eye out for the Extra Life Platform; it could appear at any second! Save Ika from the parasites - buy Xachi: Command now! Xachi: Command Lite + Multiplayer
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