Art Company S-12 2.0

Jul 13, 2011
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This app is a catalog for Art Company commercial agents and to use the application you need your access data (username and password) provided by Art Company. When the user enters the application should update the app from the section 'Update' to download the database with data related to your access data and app will download images avaible in server. There will be products pictures that do not exist because it is always in the catalog will be showing a season with more than a year apart so the agents can update the application and images when the season progresses and images is avaible on server.
Art Company sales agents may make orders, which should be closed before it can be sent to Art Company. After sending the orders will be deleted from the application. Agents also may consult at any time their client list, change orders not closed, see the book sales support (PDF format) or see the list of existing orders. Art Company S-12
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