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Aug 02, 2011
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Poingo is an extremely simple, yet addictive game. You will understand the gameplay in moments.----------------Only one thing can save the universe coloured blocks.It is the end of time, the quot;Big Crunch quot; is upon us, and the galaxies are crashing together.Professor Poingo, discoverer of the quot;Poingo Particle quot;, has created a particle reaction chamber. These particles produce massive amounts of energy, capable of repelling stars and galaxies.
Your job is simple.Make sure only particles of the same colour collide, and there are only two colours: red and green. You can change the colour of a particle by tapping the screen.When collisions occur, big particles will be annihilated, and small particles flip their colour.The black quot;anti-poingo quot; will annihilate itself upon contact with any particle. Poingo
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