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Feb 15, 2012
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A Kormolj mindazok szamara hasznos alkalmazas akik penzt es energiat szeretnenek megtakaritani a f tesi rendszerukhoz legmegfelel bb kemenytipus kivalasztasaval. Hasznos alkalmazas mind az epitkez k, mind a felujitok szamara.Laikus ember szamara is konnyen erthet , egyszer arkalkulalo program, mely pontos informaciot ad az altalad valasztott f tesi rendszerhez szukseges kemeny ararol a raklapra csomagolas dija nelkul.Eleg ha kivalasztod, hogy milyen f tesi modhoz szeretnel kemenyt valamint, hogy mekkora legyen a kemenybelescs atmer je es a kemeny magassaga a tobbit bizd a Kormolj -ra.- Konnyen atlathato.- A ket legkorszer bb kemenytipusbol javasol.- Brutto arat kalkulal.
Kormolj is a helpful app for those people who would like to save money and energy by choosing the proper chimney type for their heating-system. Useful for all house builders and renewers.Simple price calculating application which gives you exact price about the chosen chimney excluding the pallets packaging price.You only have to choose your heater, the diameter of chimney-tube, lenght of chimney - and Kormolj gonna make the rest of it.- Simple to use.- Price is calculated from the two most modern chimney type.- Brutto prices are calculated.Please note that prices are given in HUF. The app s main language is Hungarian. Kormolj
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