Apr 09, 2012
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First iPad optimized app that gives you one touch access to business documents whether they are on your PC, Mac, File Server or in public cloud like GoogleDocs. Securely Access, Sync, or Search your Microsoft Office, PDF, JPEG or PNG files whether on your computer or in GoogleDocs in online or offline mode! Now travel with DocSync on your iPad and leave your computer home.New way to remotely access your Computer on iPadIntroducing DocSync, where you get a secure, fast access to your desktop files in a native iPad application. Now there is no need to surrender all your desktop files into some public cloud or install remote PC solutions that were designed for PC-to-PC access.Never miss a document on your iPadYour 50 most recently accessed folders and file are always available at your finger tips.Any other files on your computer or in GoogleDocs can be retrieved on your iPad using the Search functionEffortless Syncing Just touch your File or Folder and it syncs automatically to your iPad (works on 3G and Wi-Fi)You can also Email documents to someone or Upload it to GoogleDocs for backupA Sync icon indicates which files have been syncedOffline ViewingAll documents synced to your iPad are always available both online and offlineNot just a Private Cloud; it also supports Public Clouds like GoogleDocsAny document created in GoogleDocs can be synced to your iPad for offline viewingEdit any documents created in GoogleDocs on your iPadUnified Search of any document whether in GoogleDocs or your Computer Simplify your life - Create your personal Projects on iPadOrganize your documents on iPad into Projects for easy, faster accessCreation of Projects is simple - Just drag-n-drop any Folder and/or File Types of Files supportedAll Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 files Powerpoint, Excel, WordAll GoogleDocs files Document, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Form, DrawingOther Formats Image files like JPEG, JPG, PNG, PDF, TextReporting and Audit TrailAll Access, Sync and Email is recorded on both iPad and the Computer including time stampsSecurity that will keep both users and IT happyNeed PIN to access DocSync after 5 minutes of inactivityUser changeable PIN on the PCIn case of 10 wrong PIN attempts, all synced data on iPad is deleted DocSync.
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