Cucumber Sandwich 2.0.0

Mar 05, 2010
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Parents die of the accident, and young brothers have separated. Because they promised each other Let s make my parents caf? come back one day two brothers said Have a good time. , not Good-bye. and parted. It flows at the time. -- The elder brother Natsuhiko Shinomiya who became 26 years old to past severe every day, and not have both the dream and the hope working as a chief manager of the Unpopular cafe. Also he has never met again the younger brother.
One day, the host with a bad attitude who came to the caf?. Although his suit was soiled, he got angry and has left a name card that shown a younger brother's name Tomoharu Shinomiya !?[Number of pages]85 pagesNote: Volume 1 (4 all composition)[App Operation]Tap:It advances to next page. Flick (left from the right):It advances to next page. Flick (right from the left):It returns to the previous page. Double tap:Menu displayCucumber Sandwich
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