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Mar 27, 2010
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Dragon Search is the Fast, Accurate and Smart way to search online content on your iPhonea using your voice.Simply speak your search queries and get simultaneous results from a variety of top websites and content sources including: Googlea (or Yahoo!a , Binga , depending on your default settings)YouTubea Twittera SearchiTunesa Wikipediaa The innovative Dragon Search Carousel allows you to quickly access results from multiple sources, and is a one-stop shop for all of your search needs, even when you are a Hands-Busya REVIEWSPress Reviews:Mel Martin - TUAW: a The iTunes integration is quite nice. Say 'Harold Budd', for example, and click the iTunes icon and you'll see what the iTunes store has to sell. Or you can search Wikipedia or Google and learn all about him.a Greg Kumparack - MobileCrunch: a The design of the application is rather clevera you can flip between them [results] on a whim via the carousel at the topa a Jennifer Van Grove - Mashable: We were left practically speechless by the quality of Dragon Dictation, an iPhone app that does instant speech-to-text transcription. The same company has just unveiled their latest iPhone offering a Dragon Search a and ita s just as impressive as the first. a The app is stupidly simple to use and lightening fast...a iTunes Reviews:Np2244 a a I just downloaded dragon search and it is incredible. I couldna t ask for something so fast, accurate and versatile. I mean, search all facets of the web in one fell swoop. I love it. You let me search facebook too and ita s better than sliced bread.a Bootareen a a It has a very simple interface and convenient scroll bar on top to switch the source of your search.
The sources switch instantly, I dona t know how they do it but its super efficient and convenient.a Vsq Hands-down the best damn voice search app on the app store. Amazingly fast and accurate. Bug free product great work.a FEATURES- Fast and accurate, fully automated speech recognition - Horizontal tool bar enables fast access to alternative search sites- Easily modify or correct search queries by using a list of alternative suggestionsDragon Search is powered by Nuancea s world-renowned Dragona NaturallySpeakinga software, and it is specifically designed to make searching the internet on your iPhone easier than ever.REQUIREMENTS: 1. Dragon Search requires network connectivity (WiFi or 3G/EDGE). 2. Dragon Search works on iPhone, and on second and third generation iPod Touch (external microphone required).PRIVACY POLICYDragon Search does not upload or store any personal information. Spoken search queries are processed by fully automated speech recognition technology in secure data centers with stringent privacy and security standards. These search queries are not associated with any personal data from your phone. Dragon Search will utilize spoken speech queries collected over time to continuously improve and provide high speech recognition accuracy. Details are described in the end user license agreement, provided here for your convenience: http://www.dragonmobileapps.com/EULA-search.html What's new -Support for iPod Touch-Enhanced User Interface-Bug fixes
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