SPB AstroQuads +HD Lite 1.4

Aug 03, 2010
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[This version supports HD on iPad]There re so many phenomena in our diversified world that seem to be chaotic and inexplicable, but in fact man can always find the hidden order inside. It takes you courage and enthusiasm to dive into the unpredictable and mysterious universe SPB Astroquads. You will have to react fast and keep cool to be able to survive in the threatening chaos among the ambiguous signs. The further you go the more artifacts will help you not to get lost on your Astroway. Once having taken this exciting journey you will be fascinated by the enigmatic beauty of the artifacts and enchanted by the mysterious sounds that will accompany you all the way. The addictive SPB Astroquads will help you to relax and forget about the reality in its adventurous world.
Its simplicity will allow you to make small breaks in the course of the day playing only for 2-3 minutes. Or it can help you to spend time in a boring line.So, how to play?The goal in this game is to reveal and mark rectangles corners of the same colors in a field filled with colored astrostones, thus destroying them and earning scores. Various artifacts with special effects will help you reach your goal. Some of them will unveil the rectangles, others will spectacularly blow up the stones. There are two modes in the game: a time-limited mode and an endless, strategic mode. This effectively creates two different scenarios of playing mentioned above. SPB AstroQuads +HD Lite
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