My Wardrobe 1.0.3

Nov 24, 2010
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My Wardrobe is the ultimate Clothes overview !For many people, the walk-in closet is a long cherished dream of luxury. My Wardrobe realized every fashion victims dream.Take pictures of all your clothes and finally get an overview of all theoutfits you have or have not worn for a long time.Which t-shirt, pants, hats, gloves or sweater are in the back corner of your closet?Get yourself a quick overview before you Get dressed the morning! What do you want to wear today?No more searching the closet, Find out quick what things you no longer fit or what you maybe want to sell.
Your walk-in closet has several drawers.You will find several categories and you can alsorename them as you likeHeadgear- hats- caps- headscarfMake photos of all your headgear and arrange them into individual drawers.Organize and plan your own order and overview. My Wardrobe
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