Farm Lines 1.0

Dec 08, 2010
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Farm Lines,Winter is coming, storm is coming!You are living in a farm, to collect all animals, pets together, to prevent storm.Animals appears three in once, and stay at their places.They are looking for their kinds, and if five in line/row/diangon, theyare happy to come home together.You can move the animals to some place and merge them togeter,as many as you can.Father Christmas is moved by your work, and help you with some gifts:1) Gift box, it can make any animals believe the box is their own kind;2) Father Christmas clone, it can match any animal, and take all the same animal away, if matched in five;3) Brush, it can help to brush all neighbouring animals, make them into one same kind;4) Bomb, it can clear all neighbouring items.
Farm Lines
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