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Dec 09, 2010
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LocateMyPhone is a location aware iPhone application and web service (on LocateMyPhone.com) that allows you to track and locate your phone if it gets lost or stolen.You can create geo-alert zones to have the phone automatically send emails to friends, family or reminders to yourself upon entering or leaving those locations. You can share a link to your real-time location map on Twitter, Facebook or by email.You can also send push messages to your iPhone remotely from our website in the unlikely event that you lose it hoping that the person who finds it reads your message and returns it. Best of all it works even when your phone is password locked!If you just misplaced it or suspect that the thief that stole it is around, trigger a loud alarm to try and locate it. Turning down the volume or muting the phone has no effect on stopping the instant alarm. Here are some of the ways to use the app and the service.1. As the name says, use it to locate and find your lost phone from LocateMyPhone.com. We ve got a special mode built in just in case such an unfortunate situation arises.2. If you ve misplaced your phone around the house, you can activate an alarm to locate it even if it s on MUTE.3. Visually plot on Google Maps a history of all the places you ve been in the last X number of days. 4. Create some geo alerts for things you do everyday. For e.g.a. Set reminders like Buy Milk which should pop-up, when you enter a grocery store. b. Trigger an email to your worried parents, when you reach school Dad, I have reached school c. Trigger an email to your spouse, when you leave your office building, Honey! I have left work.
Be ready for the concert! The best part is that YOU CREATE THE GEO-ZONE ONCE AND FORGET IT. It triggers in the background.5. Share a link of your updated location with a friend, who is following your car, so that he or she does not get lost.6. You can use it to keep an eye out on your kids and family to track there whereabouts and just to make sure they re safe. Similar Friends amp; Family apps cost approximately #36;10 a month from network carriers!7. Automatically, update your Twitter account with your location every 8 hours, without dealing with the pain of checking in. The iPhone application and the LocateMyPhone web service are available for you to try out completely FREE for 30 days. Once you are completely satisfied, for less than a buck a month you or anybody you share your location with can track and locate your phone no matter where you re in the world and use a whole lot of other cool features.FREE BONUS FEATURE: Upto 5 of your supported iOS devices are allowed to be tracked on the same account!We all know it costs #36;600+ to replace an iPhone, so try us out and we know you ll love the service. We re continuously working on improving and adding new features to the service. We'd love to get your feedback too!NOTE: The app requires an internet data connection to function and hence works best on an iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. Other device currently supported is iPod touch (3rd gen only). Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.Visit LOCATEMYPHONE.com for more information. LocateMyPhone
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