MOUvie Converter 0.0.4

Feb 13, 2010
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MOUvie Converter is a little script for converting video files on the fast way during Right-Klick over one or more Video files in Nautilus.Convertions to DVD, VCD, SVCD, MPEG-TS and MP4 format.It needs:- ffmpeg (you should have it in your repostitory)- mencoder (you should have it in your repostitory)- MediaInfoInstallation:Download the mouvie_converter-{VERSION}.tar.gz to your HOME (~/) directory and untar it in your colsole by typingtar xfz mouvie_converter-{VERSION}.tar.gzThe files will then be extracted in the correct directories.Settings:by editing the file ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/MOUvie Converter with you favorite Editor you can change the language and TV_System (PAL/NTSC). Until now only English (default) and German are supportet.Translaters are welcome...You can set your favorite TV-System PAL or NTSC:- PAL = PAL will be pre-selected in dialog-box- NTSC = NTSC will be pre-selected in dialog-box- PAL_ONLY = convert only to PAL (No dialog-box will displayed)- NTSC_ONLY = convert only to NTSC (No dialog-box will displayed) Requirements: · Nautilus · MediaInfo · FFmpeg · mencoder What's New in This Release: · fix: Audio-Track selection menu entries · fix: Manual M-SVCD selection (not possible to encode) · fix: Write logfile, in case of logging disabled and invalid file · add: Support for Multithreaded proccessing (up to 4 Cores) add: input formats: · OGG (.
OGM/.OGV) · Flash Video (.FLV) · add: New Main Menu selections · Game Console, PDA and Iphone/Ipod · DVD backup add: output formats: · Windows Media Video - Version 7 (.WMV) · Windows Media Video - Version 8 (.WMV) · PS3 · XboX 360 · IPhone , IPod · change: Installation script uses now zenity to display a grafical installer · change: moved basic settings to ~/.mou_mc_setting file · change: PSP encoding (should working now) · change: Handling of DVD backup. Now it's possible to start DVD backup from Main Menu · change: Naming of output files from WHAT-TVSYSTEM_ to WHAT_ · change: display of sourcefile in convert-processing (displays now the filename only)
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