QPSPManager 2.0.1

Feb 17, 2010
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QPBPManager is a PBP File manager for Linux. The software is intended to use as a user friendly GUI to the known tedious pack and unpack processes of the PSP PBP files, directory generation and further copy into the PSP, in order to execute those binary files in PSPs with firmware 1.50.QPSPManager automates this process to make it a simple task to the end user, who will only have to select a PBP file and the PSP directory, leaving all other tasks to the program. It also provides some other cool features such as selecting custom PNG, PMF and AT3 files to use as an icon or background in the PSP menu.QPBPManager also allows the user to backup the savegames to the computer and copy those savegames later to the PSP.Here are some key features of "QPSPManager":· Unpacks PBP files and selects automatically the icon and background files from the source file.· Extracts the program name included in the PBP file and sets it as default output directory.· Extracts the ELF of the PBP file and packs a fake PBP file without the ELF for showing in the menu of the PSP.· Allows to select custom icon and background files to use in the menu.
· Allows to select custom video and music files to use in the menu.· Allows to select the output directory on the PSP and the actual PSP directory, which is saved as an option for further usages, so you only have to configure it once (as long as the PSP directory does not change).· Provides support for backup the savegames on the PSP to the computer and viceversa. Although QPSPManager was mainly designed only to transfer PBP files into the PSP so they can be executed through the memory stick menu, I'm thinking about new features in future versions non related to PBP file management. Some of those features include: · Conversion and transfering of any kind of video file. It will allow to convert all kind of video files into the PSP format and transfer the files to the PSP to allow viewing them on the console.· Conversion and transfering of any kind of audio file. It will allow to convert all kind of audio files into the PSP format (mp3) and transfer the files to the PSP to allow hearing them on the console.
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