Outlets 1.0.1

Oct 09, 2010
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Outlets is an AJAX-enabled centralized power distribution unit (PDU) manager. It has has been tested on APC and Tripplite units with SNMP functionality, but can work with other units given proper configuration. To change the name of an outlet, simply click its name and enter the new value. Press Enter to confirm or Esc to cancel. Outlets can be switched on or off by clicking the status and selecting the desired status from the drop down, then clicking OK. Changes are written via SNMP, thus each PDU must have an accessible SNMP write community.
Outlets can use a standard LAMP setup, though it does not require or use MySQL. In addition, it requires the php5-snmp module. All PDUs must support SNMP v1 and be set up to allow the IP of the machine Outlets is hosted on to access SNMP. Some Tripplite units exhibit a behavior where they do not properly confirm SNMP writes and stop responding to requests for about 60 seconds after SNMP writes. They can still be managed (it's just a bit wonky), but the APC units work flawlessly.Changes: Initial freshmeat announcement.
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