Gmail Notifier Plus 3.6

Oct 23, 2012
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Gmail Notifier Plus 3.6 screenshot
Gmail Notifier Plus is a Gmail Notifier that runs in your taskbar. Gmail Notifier Plus supports multiple accounts, email previews and quick inbox access. GNP requires Windows 7, as it makes use of features only available in that version of Windows.. Latest Changes:- Gmail Notifier Plus now works on Windows 8 - Significant memory and resource usage improvements - Fixed errors related to sleep and hibernate - Fixed custom sound and browser selection - Added a tray icon menu identical to the jumplist menu - Updated the Windows Installer used to build the installer - Updated the installer to support upgrades without having to remove a previous version - Removed the version number on the installer given that we're auto-upgrading without MSI - Now showing the About window after the first start after an auto-upgrade
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