Black Coffee 1.0

Mar 11, 2010
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"Change settings if your on an administrator account." Black Coffee is an application designed to aid system administrators and advanced users in modifying user and local administrator windows settings. These settings range from Internet Explorer to Disabling Windows Shutdown. Black Coffee can only change settings if your on an administrator account, limited users will be unable to change settings, although they can view the settings.FeaturesComputer Settings:· Enable CheckDisk at Bootup· Don't Display Last User Name at Start Up· Show Logon Options· Disable Cancel Button on Logon Screen· Enable Shutdown on LogOn Screen· Enable CTRL+ALT+DEL Screen At Start Up· Enable Password Expiry Warning· Disable Windows Shutdown· Disable Windows LogOff· Clear Virtual Memory At Shutdown· Disable Lan Manager Hash· Disable Windows Hotkeys· Disable Net Message· Disable CD-ROM AutoRun· Disable Run Once List· Disable Content Advisor· Auto Restart Explorer.exeComputer Miscellaneous:· Enable DHCP· Destroy Files (Instead of Recycle Bin)· Set Maximum Recycle Bin Space· Disable Net Meeting Remote Desktop· Disable Windows Messenger· Disable Windows Installer· Disable Windows Installer's Patching· Always Install With Elevated Privileges· Disable Windows Installer Logging· Disable Windows Task Deletion· Disable Windows Task Creation· Disable Windows Task Drag-And-Drop· Disable Windows Task Execution· Disable Windows Task Properties· Disable Windows Task Advanced Menu· Disable Windows Task BrowsingCurrent User Access:· Disable Backround Tab· Disable Screen Saver Tab· Disable Appearence Tab· Disable Settings Tab· Disable Full Access To Display Properties· Disable Active Desktop· Disable Registry Editing Tools· Disable Task Manager· Disable Command Prompt· Disable Folder Options· Disable Log Off Option· Don't Display My Computer's Properties· Don't Display My Document's Properties· Don't Save Settings On Exit you can free download Black Coffee 1.
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